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Buy your next Marquee from Redmond Outdoor Online and Save.

Have you previously had a cheap marquee, gazebo or pit tent , and when the wind or rain came - it bent, broke or collapsed ? Leaving you and your colleagues/friends/family cold, wet and miserable?

Welcome to Redmond Outdoor. We are an Australian owned company that specialises in quality marquee, gazebo and pit tents for the smarter buyer.  People who buy from us, typically had a cheapy marquee - or one that masqueraded as a quality marquee but was still a cheapie. Once a customer gets to see one of the Mountain Shade branded marquee's that we sell, they appreciate the market leading warranties and Australia Standard Certification we offer actually saves them money on purchase and cost of ownership. 

After you have owned other marquee brands, you then appreciate our products and service. Our marquee, gazebo, pit tents, banner flags and printing system are preferred by companies who have or currently creating distinctive, recognisable and well-regarded brands, and wish to project and promote an image of a quality product, to their end customers, and address their employer responsibilities.

In summary, we sell 4 and 6 legged best friends ( we love our marquee's so much, we give them names ), that are distinctive and loyal, live for a long time and dont cost much to keep healthy.

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Discover why are we different.

We can talk for hours on how innovative and special we are. But what we can do for you is:

Quality event marquee at the lowest price 1. Redmond Price Guarantee: We will beat your best price for a quality event marquee. BEWARE - some companies stretch the definition of a quality marquee.
Meeting Australian Standard 2. Australian Standard Quality: We offer our marquee's, gazebo's and pit tents certified to Australian Quality Standards - Ensure you only consider such products during your purchase. Our certification is done by an independant engineering firm so you know its accurate.
Quality Printing at the Best Price 3. Best Price for Quality Printing: We offer a Not-to-Fade Printing warranty on our outdoor grade marquee branding and commercial marquee accessories. A warranty for printing is very important as quality printing is not cheap.
4. Our spare parts backup and support is legendary. We have the backing of our manufacturer so theres no issues or confrontations (unlike other companies) when it comes to looking after your 4 or 6 legged best friend within or out of warranty.

You'll quickly discover why Redmond Outdoor is the trusted name for marquee, gazebo, pit tents, banner flags and outdoor grade printing systems that are of top quality while still maintaining low prices. Our staff are here to help you, and all are enthusiasts of outdoor activities, and use our products regularily. Browse through our selection of top quality yet low cost items today!



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